And what does the LORD require of you but to do justice,
to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

Let Christian Mediation help you find a peaceful solution through alternative dispute resolution.

Mediators in Phoenix

Helping Those in Arizona Find Alternative Dispute Resolutions Rooted in Faith

When disputes arise between individuals, businesses, or churches in Phoenix, you can turn to Christian Mediation for faith-centered resolution methods that promote peace and healthy relationships. Our network of professionals helps Christians uphold their principles when finding solutions to disagreements.

God outlined effective problem-solving strategies in the Bible, and we believe those methods are as valid today as ever. Our Phoenix mediators are trained in Christian, Bible-focused methods designed to achieve resolutions peacefully. Avoid the pitfalls of litigation by calling Christian Mediation at (602) 560-1070 for a consultation.

No matter what kind of dispute in which you may be involved, Biblical mediation can help. Request a consultation to help better understand the options you have available through our Phoenix mediation services. While it may not always be possible to solve your issues through mediation or arbitration, we advise anyone to seek solutions there before turning to litigation. The benefits of alternative dispute resolutions include confidentiality, saving time and money, and the preservation of your existing relationships.

Choose a better way to resolve your concerns with a Phoenix mediation firm. Contact Christian Mediation in Phoenix today!


Life in a fallen world leads to complex interpersonal problems for everyone, including Christians. Divorces and separations, care of aging parents, asset divisions, disputes in relationships at work, community, and with children are examples of the emotionally complex matters that Christian mediators can help you solve while keeping tender relationships intact.


Christian business owners often find themselves in complex business or legal situations requiring professional help. Christians are called to resolve disputes in line with Biblical teachings. Even though a Christian business may seem to be no different than any other business because of the problems it faces, it is the way that the Christian-owned business goes about resolving problems that sets it apart.


Conflict is part of our human existence, and even churches are not immune to legal problems. For instance, land acquisition or condemnation proceedings, disputes regarding the purchase of goods, contracts, lease agreements, and issues that relate to counseling of church members frequently require intervention that should be resolved in a Biblical manner.

Benefits of Biblical Mediation

Peaceful Problem Resolution

Mediation is a proven process for resolving difficult conflicts that encourages communication, cooperation, and compromise. Our mediators in Phoenix, are trained in Biblical principles of conflict resolution to assist individuals, families, businesses, and churches to reach agreements without the emotional or financial damage that often accompanies disputes resolved through the legal system.

Led by a person of faith and rooted in the teachings of the Bible, Christian Mediation is a means for peaceful problem resolution. For peaceful problem resolution, reach out to our Phoenix mediation company today!

Less Money & Time than Standard Legal Channels

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Strict Confidentiality for the Parties Involved

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Greater Likelihood of Compliance Between Parties

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Parties are Generally More Satisfied with the Results

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More Control is Given to the Parties Involved

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Broader Range of Possible Solutions for All Parties

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